The Resorts of the Vida Vacation Club

The Resorts of the Vida Vacation Club

No matter who you are, the Vida Vacation Club has the perfect resort destination for you. There are five resorts of the Vida Vacation Club: The Grand Luxxe, The Grand Bliss, The Grand Mayan, The Bliss Resort, and the Mayan Palace. Each of these resorts offers a unique experience for guests, and they are all overflowing with beauty and luxury.

The Grand Luxxe

The Grand Luxxe has two locations in Mexico and is perhaps the most luxurious resort out of all of the Vida Vacation Club resorts. The services of the Grand Luxxe range from a private butler service to spa services. There are also many different dining opportunities for guests to choose from without even leaving the resort. For those who enjoy golfing, the Grand Luxxe is a perfect destination, as it boasts a full-sized 18-hole golf course for guest enjoyment. Many Vida Vacation Club guests choose to stay at the Grand Luxxe because of the luxurious style of this resort.

The Grand Bliss

The Grand Bliss is one of the most popular destinations of guests of the Vida Vacation Club. There are many activities available at this beautiful resort, and it is perfect for guests of all ages. Guests can enjoy unlimited beach and pool access while staying at the Grand Bliss, as well as the wave pools and lazy rivers. For adults, the Grand Bliss is a great place to enjoy some nightlife. There are many lounges and bars with unlimited access to Vida Vacation Club guests staying at the Grand Bliss.

The Grand Mayan

This Vida Vacation Club resort is extremely unique. Designed with the ancient native culture in mind, the Grand Mayan has many qualities that guests will not find at any other resort. The Grand Mayan has four locations throughout Mexico so guests can visit different cities and still visit the Grand Mayan. For Vida Vacation Club guests looking for something new, the Grand Mayan is a great choice.

The Bliss Resort

Out of the five Vida Vacation Club resorts, this is the most casual; however, this is not saying that the Bliss Resort is lacking in luxury by any means. It is perfect for any guest who wants a casual, yet still luxurious resort destination. The Bliss Resort has a full-sized golf course and a spa and fitness center for guests’ enjoyment.

The Mayan Palace

For Vida Vacation Club guests with large families, the Mayan Palace is the perfect resort. Every room at the Mayan Palace can accommodate up to six adults and two children. This way, the whole family can enjoy the beauty of the Mayan Palace. This Vida Vacation Resort has acres of beautiful gardens for guests to walk through, and there are even places where local wildlife can be seen. The Mayan Palace is a perfect resort for the whole family.